ERTICO–ITS Europe in partnership with the European Commission will host the 12th ITS European Congress from 19 to 22 June 2017 at the Strasbourg Convention Centre under the theme ‘ITS Beyond Borders’.

Among the many exciting events, presentations and special interest sessions during the four-day Congress, the programme will include a joint special interest session (SIS) by the inLane and CloudLSVA projects. Under the theme ‘Exploiting computer vision and GNSS applications for ADAS and digital cartography’, the topic of discussion during this session will be ‘Satellite technology applied to mobility’.

Fusing video data with data from other sources will significantly increase the environment perception for automated driving vehicles. However performance of computer vision or video analysis systems is inherently restricted by the quality of the available training data. Achieving improvements in any application domain – e.g., ADAS, intelligent transport systems, advanced manufacturing, digital cartography – requires the availability of labelled realistic video datasets of sufficient size. Similarly, lane-level positioning and map matching are big challenges for navigation systems and for feeding data in the sensor fusion components. Highly automated driving vehicle will be rapidly deployed, requiring lane level positioning information and vehicle control. The session will address the challenge of quality of data, coming from computer vision, positioning and other sensors, which will contribute through sensor fusion to deliver a reliable and precise perception of the driving environment, being critical to enable highly automated driving.

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