CO-GISTICS Final Event and Demonstration

Stazione Marittima

Trieste, Italy

8-9 June 2017


Trieste is a cosmopolitan city, the capital of the autonomous region Friuli-Venezia Giulia. The Port of Trieste is located in the north of the Adriatic Sea a strategic geographical position at the intersection between Far East-Europe shipping routes and the European TEN-T Mediterranean and Baltic-Adriatic Corridors. The final event will take place in Stazione Marittima, one of Trieste’s most significant historical landmarks, surrounded by the sea on three sides and located just a few meters from the city’s main square (Piazza Unità).

The workshop, which will take place over two half days, is an opportunity to learn about CO-GISTICS project results and to experience live demonstrations of cooperative ITS applications for logistics. The event will kick-off with a demonstration tour and continue with the opening session at the venue, including presentations by public authorities and private parties.  Project results will be presented as well as discussions on the exploitation and future developments of CO-GISTICS. A second live demonstration with demo trucks will take place in a protected area next to the conference location on the second day.

The workshop is a joint effort by the CO-GISTICS project consortium consisting of 33 partners. With the University of Trieste and Politecnico di Bari as main local organisers, the event is hosted by the City of Trieste with the special support of the Trieste Port Authority, SAMER&Co. shipping, ERTICO-ITS Europe, Geoloc Systems, HOLM, IRU Projects and other partners.




 The idea is to provide workshop participants with a live demonstration of C-ITS logistics services in action in the pilot site of Trieste. For this reason,  the demonstration will start at the FVG Airport in Ronchi, which is also very close to the highway and is used by trucks involved in CO-GISTICS services in Trieste, coming from Austria and going to the  Interporto di Trieste Terminal and then to port of Trieste. The participants will be taken to Trieste by two coaches that will follow exactly the same route as the trucks. The demonstration will be divided in three parts in order to show live as many services as possible.

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