Under the title “Benefit of IoT and Big Data for Automated Driving and User Trust Challenge”, the AUTOPILOT consortium will host a lively debate at the ITS World Congress 2017 in Canada this October. The debate will address questions such as:

  • What benefits are actually expected from the IoT and Big Data to improve the safety and reliability of automated driving vehicles?
  • How can the increase of automated driving performances – gained by the use of millions of objects collecting information thanks to IoT frameworks – be evaluated?
  • How can the user’s acceptance for these technologies be assessed, including concerns about data privacy and cyber security, ensuring users will trust automated vehicles using connected objects?

Speakers will include consortium partners, as well as representatives of ITS Japan and the Canadian Automobile Association, thus providing a truly global insight into these issues.

The session will also present the AUTOPLOT large-scale pilot activities that target these issues.


About the ITS World Congress 2017 Montreal

The ITS World Congress will take place from 29th October to 2nd November 2017 (the AUTOPILOT session will take place in the afternoon of 31st October) in Montreal, Canada, under the theme “Integrated Mobility Driving Smart Cities”. The ITS World Congress 2017 will gather global leaders in intelligent and transformative transportation to showcase and evaluate the latest innovative concepts, active prototypes, and live systems. Participants will engage in robust discussions and spirited debates as to how the rapidly changing and every-expanding transport industry is addressing the very real challenges facing our mobile, connected societies today and in the future.

More information about the ITS World Congress 2017 is available here.

Registration to the ITS World Congress 2017 is accessible here. Please note that it is not possible to register only for the AUTOPILOT session.

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