A new platform funded by the LIFE programme, the European Commission’s funding instrument for the environment and climate action, will allow its users to choose travel routes based upon their environmental impact. The main aim of Green Your Move (GYM) is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and encourage users to take energy-efficient transport.

When selecting routes, the multimodal transport planner will take into account all types of urban public transportation, including buses, trams, trolleybuses, and trains. The innovative feature of the application lies in the other factors that it considers alongside vehicle type, including:

  • weather conditions
  • air-conditioning use
  • the amount of users in the vehicle
  • the speed of the vehicle

The various routes will then be presented based upon the emissions produced when taking them.

The research project brings together six partners from across Europe (Greece, Czech Republic and the Netherlands). The online platform is part of its plan to develop navigational apps suitable for PCs, tablets and mobile phones.

An early version of the navigator was presented to Greek public transport operators in April of last year, whilst it is also featured in European Mobility Week 2017.

To find out more about the project, visit greenyourmove.org.