At the end of August, the AUTOPILOT project participated in a lively workshop entitled World Café in Krakow, Poland. AUTOPILOT was represented by Mr Ovidiu Vermesan (SINTEF), who gave a general presentation on the AUTOPILOT project and through fruitful discussions gained insights from participants, which will now be used to improve upon the AUTOPILOT concept.

The World Café involved 50 participants, all end users. The workshop discussed issues related to data ownership (including security and privacy), communication aspects of the Internet of Things (IoT), as well as safety and ethics in Artificial Intelligence. Participants, in particular, raised questions related to the take-up of new technologies, as well as trust and security. It was claimed that the transition period to automated vehicles will take a long time due to concerns that people have about personal safety and overall trust in the new technology. Participants also inquired about possibilities to test the sensing of people during pilots, in order to provide some evidence that pedestrians can trust the new technological systems.

The overall idea behind World Café is to promote projects in countries that are not part of the project and showcase Krakow as a perfect place where autonomous vehicles can be implemented.

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