The European Commission has issued a publication on the 2017 trends on European transport.

This sector is crucial for the European economy. This publication provides an overview of the most recent and most pertinent annual transport-related statistics in Europe. It covers the European Union and its 28 Member States and, as far as possible, the current EU candidate countries and the EFTA countries.
The content is based on a range of sources including Eurostat, international organisations, national statistics and, where no data were available, own estimates. Own estimates have mainly been produced to get an idea of the EU total. At the level of individual countries, they are merely
indicative and should by no means be (mis-)interpreted as ‘official’ data.

The publication consists of three parts:

(1) a general part with general economic and other relevant data,

(2) a transport part covering both passenger and freight transport as well as
other transport-related data, and, finally,

(3) an energy and environmental part with data on the impact which the
transport sector has on the environment.

Most of the tables have data up to 2015; where available, more recent data have been provided.

Click here to download the European Commission’s statistical pocketbook.

Source: European Commission