The Commission published a call for evidence, accompanied by an open public consultation on a proposal on access to vehicle data, functions and resources, which would complement the proposal for Data Act published in February 2022.

With the call for evidence, the Commission invites interested parties to express views on the understanding of the problem, the need for EU intervention and the preliminary range of possible options and their expected impacts. With the public consultation, the Commission seeks to collect information on the experience with access to vehicle data, functions and resources.

It also seeks to gather views on the possible impact of a range of possible measures, notably on competition, innovation, privacy, safety, security, etc. Both the call for evidence and the public consultation builds on the evidence gathered by the Commission, mainly by means of studies and workshops with all relevant parties.

This initiative on in-vehicle data follows and complements the proposal for a Data Act, published in February 2022. It will build on its principles and aim to address some sector-specific issues, such as the bi-directional access to vehicles resources and the interplay between access to data and cybersecurity. They will be open until 21 June 2022.

Source: European Commission