The last months of the COVID-19 crisis have not only deeply affected those infected and their families, and taken a financial toll on businesses, entrepreneurs and the workforce. They have also required sacrifices from almost  everyone. Those in the healthcare frontline or in more intense forms of physical confinement have particularly suffered.

Handled correctly, safely and in a coordinated manner, the months to come could offer Europeans the chance to get some well-needed rest, relaxation and fresh air, and to catch up with friends and family, in their own Member States or across borders. Many have kept themselves going with just that thought but want to be reassured that there will be hotels, camping sites and restaurants, bars and cafes to go to, trekking paths, waterfronts and cycling trails accessible, cultural attractions open to visit, transport to get there without restrictions and above all that everything possible has been done to ensure that they will be as safe as possible from infection.

This Communication and the accompanying initiatives set a coordinated framework to enable all Europe to benefit from a restful and above all, safe tourism season, gradually this summer and into the subsequent winter and beyond. In doing so, it also aims to support the sustainability of our valuable tourism ecosystem for generations to come.

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Source: European Commission