The European project COMPASS (optimised CO-Modal PASSenger transport for reducing carbon emissions) has released its first newsletter!

The newsletter has been realized jointly with the project OPTIMISM (Optimising Passenger Transport Information to Materialize Insights for Sustainable Mobility) and shows the first results and deliverables achieved by COMPASS and offers more details on COMPASS objectives.

The idea of a joint newsletter between COMPASS and OPTIMIS comes from the fact that these two projects show great affinities as well as share common objectives. Both projects propose a set of strategies recommendations and policy measures through the scientific analysis of social behaviour mobility patterns and business models for integrating and optimising the transport system. This will be based on the modelling and the assessment of the impact of co-modality and ICT solutions for transport.

There is a cluster among some activities of COMPASS and OPTIMISM and some results obtained in OPTMISM will be used in COMPASS. Therefore it came naturally to try and share knowledge on common issues. 


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Original Publication Date: Wed 12 Dec 2012