Happy Christmas from ERTICO!

Dear readers

as you might have noticed our normal eMagazine look had been suspended for two months to give space to two special editions on the 19th ITS World Congress in Vienna. After this incredibly successful event (we reached the record number of 10000 visitors) we are all back to normal to say goodbye to 2012 with a very exiting edition.

In this edition  we talk about eCall. Just a month ago the European pilot project HeERO had its first international conference in Zagreb hosted by the Croatian National Protection and Rescue Directorate (NPRD). In the article we look at the progresses of the pan-European emergency call including standardisation and certification and at the plans for the New Year.

But what kind Christmas would it be without one of our articles on international cooperation? This month we focus on Brazil a huge country with a fast expanding economy which will host not only the World Cup in 2014 but also the next Olympics Games in 2016. We reflect on the development of transport and ITS in Brazil and consider how the international cooperation with the EU and the USA may develop in the next few years.

Last but not least this month we have an unusual feature on Mr Bev Marks who is retiring as TISA Executive Director. We believe that tributes need to be paid to great people so we celebrate an extraordinary person by summarising his – and TISA’s – successes.

That’s it. This is our last edition for this year and we look forward to coming back next year with more stories to tell. Meanwhile we wish you a very happy Christmas holiday hoping that ITS will accompany you in your journeys and will indicate the right way to get home!

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Original Publication Date: Fri 14 Dec 2012