Proof-of-concept vehicle offers high speed, reliable and highly secure networking technology that allows drivers to seamlessly stay connected on the road

Vehicle manufacturers and suppliers across the globe are looking to put future automotive innovative functions in their vehicle to help enhance the experience of owning and driving a vehicle. From drivers receiving real time traffic and navigation guidance, to passengers viewing movies via cloud based infotainment, to manufacturers keeping vehicle software updated over-the-air, to automated and driverless automobiles, the future vehicle will need to communicate with the outside world via seamless access to the Internet over wireless networks. Continental and Cisco showcase a proof-of-concept connected vehicle at the Center for Automotive Research Management Briefing Seminars.

This joint proof-of-concept connected vehicle is equipped with the secure and seamless network technology to meet the growing demands for connected vehicles. Continental lay the foundation for added innovative automobile functions and benefits to passengers to make connectivity to the digital world outside a moving vehicle a secure, reliable and enjoyable experience. Cisco enterprise-grade, seamless wireless network switching technology is highly secure and will connect passengers to the right network based on their location on the road and their user preference.

Based on this initial proof of concept solution, Continental and Cisco are also planning to work together to develop innovative solutions that leverage ubiquitous connectivity of moving vehicles.

High speed and reliable network connectivity

As a vehicle moves it needs to prioritize critical needs of drivers and passengers for network connectivity. The Cisco on-board software solution seamlessly switches between available 3G, 4G and other wireless networks based on cost and quality of service preferences.

Enhanced Security

The Cisco and Continental proof of concept car shows how auto manufactures can provide the same amount of network security that is available at home or in the office. Cisco provides one secure software gateway that delivers Cisco’s core networking capabilities and optimizes all communication links and mobility services to and from the vehicle. Security against cyber attacks will become more important as more connected functions are brought to vehicles.

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