The Network of National ITS Associations met in March in Brussels as the guests of ERTICO – ITS Europe.

Two positions in the leadership of the Network were up for election:  the Chairman, and the Vice Chairman.  The new Chairman of the Network is Mr Roman Srp of Czech and Slovak ITS&S, and the new Vice Chairman is Dr Florin Nemtanu of ITS Romania.  The Co-ordination Committee of the Network now includes:


Roman Srp, Czech and Slovak ITS&S –Chairman

Florin Nemtanu, ITS Romania – Vice Chairman

Jennie Martin, ITS United Kingdom – Immediate Past Chairman and Promotion & Awareness Champion

Christer Karlsson, ITS Sweden – Congress Champion

Martin Russ, ITS Austria

Rui Dias Camolino, ITS Portugal

Hermann Meyer, ERTICO – ITS Europe

Anna Limbrey, ERTICO – ITS Europe – Network Secretariat


Roman Srp said:  In my opinion, ITS Nationals is a unique community of national platforms with hundreds of institutions from the public and private sectors included and jointly possessing the greatest ITS knowledge in Europe.  It is a great honour for me to chair the network. At the same time it is a challenge because I take over the position from Jennie Martin of ITS (UK) who has set a very high standard. So I am very pleased that she will continue to support the Network as the Past Chairman and Promotion & Awareness Champion. During the next two years, I would like to encourage our Network to be more active to achieve even more efficient partnership with political influence and funding which will be appreciated by both ITS Nationals members and their governments. 


Roman Srp, new Chairman of the Network

Florin Nemtanu commented: “  One of the most important competitive advantages of the European Union is cooperation between various cultures and countries and I think that in the field of Intelligent Transport Systems we can best build this cooperation through Network of ITS Nationals, having in our minds a strong European ITS market as well as a strong relationship between nations, academia, industry and people. The Network of ITS Nationals has to be a result of our cooperation and a force to push forward the ITS domain”.