The German technology company Continental and the Italian commercial vehicle manufacturer IVECO are teaming up for more safety on Europe’s roads. By integrating the functionalities and driver data of Continental’s TIS-Web fleet management software into IVECO’s fleet management services, the two mobility leaders enable fleet managers to fully comply with the legal requirements of the new EU Mobility Package from 2022 onwards. Initially, IVECO will actively promote TIS-Web integration to its Italian, German and Spanish customers with plans to roll out the service Europe-wide further down the line.


TIS-Web is the ideal solution for storing, accessing and analyzing data from smart tachographs. With it, fleet managers who need to monitor their drivers and vehicles can not only archive the respective data in accordance with European legal requirements, they can also access statistics on all drivers and truck activities and use a range of reports for optimizing driving style and efficiently managing drivers’ daily tasks. At the touch of a button, TIS-Web fleet managers can check compliance with the regulations for driving and rest periods as well as speeds and receive information on infringements at a glance.

Furthermore, the solution can also factor in local and national regulations and provide fleet managers only with information relevant to their businesses or countries of operation. And since TIS-Web is a cloud-based service, fleet managers can access it from anywhere. IVECO customers who have not yet signed up for the TIS-Web services can now obtain these through IVECO sales network without the need for extra hardware. The tachograph data will be downloaded via the IVECO telematics device and routed through the IVECO back-end directly into TIS-Web. This is a great advantage for the fleet as it runs totally automatically without requiring any effort of the fleet manager.

Both the competitive industry environment and the increasing legal requirements force European fleet managers to boost their efficiency in order to safeguard their future in the business. In addition to offering state-of-the-art technology and data solutions, Continental has long been a reliable partner for OEMs like IVECO.

“We are pleased that, together with our long-term partner IVECO, we can help increase the efficiency of their customers’ fleet management,” commented Dragan Kostevski, Sales Director of OEM and Mobility Projects in the Connected Commercial Vehicle Solutions business segment at Continental. Fabrizio Conicella, Global Head of Digital & Adv Technologies at IVECO, adds: “Continental’s TIS-Web application perfectly complements our fleet management services and adds real value for fleet managers, especially in terms of compliance. It’s great that we can now offer our customers this additional service with seamless data integration between IVECO and Continental platforms.”

Source: Continental