As outlined in the May 2011 edition of the iMobility newsletter a major ITS challenge is the dissemination of available information to road users when and where they need it in a format that can be understood and most importantly in a way that allows the driver to react accordingly. Imagine you are driving in a foreign country while seeing text information displayed on a variable message sign which you are unable to read indicating a road blockage or major delays?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a device in your vehicle that is able to provide you with information well in advance in your native language or even get a proposal for an alternative route?
As a result of the collaborative work between EasyWay ESG5 and TISA Continental was able to show exactly that in two different in-vehicle devices using Digital Radio and Internet technology as delivery channels. Continental demonstrated a scalable system approach starting from a cost-effective single delivery channel device with graphic display up to an Infotainment platform with Internet technology and multiple traffic efficiency applications.

Photo: Left: Thomas Kuhn (Internet based Navigation device) right: Max Richert (Digital Radio incl. Graphic Display)

“A successful EasyWay / TISA – Cooperation and the planned development of a large harmonised message set based on DATEX II and TPEG will pave the way for a fast and harmonised European wide deployment of Real Time Traffic Information and Management” says Thomas Kuhn (Advanced Technologies at Continental). “And with our scalable systems approach we will be able to provide lower-cost high-end solutions” Max Richert (Advanced Technologies at Continental) added.

Photo: The Continental demonstrator in Lyon

This cooperation is clearly a win-win situation not only for both organisations and their Partners but also for road users and the environment. Continental is thus pleased to support this important activity.

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Original Publication Date: Tue 28 Jun 2011