The Institute of Communication and Computer Systems (ICCS) is happy to announce the successful completion of the Greek Stakeholder workshop on “Nomadic devices in road transport” organised jointly by TeleFOT European project and the HERMES  National project performing research in a similar area. ERTICO Partners ICCS and CERTH/HIT participated in both projects and were represented at the event which was organised by the ICCS. The workshop took place at the ICCS premises in Athens Greece on 12 May 2011.

The language of the workshop was Greek. The core issues presented during the workshop are summarised and translated below.

The following Stakeholders were represented during the workshop:

  • Industry / Service providers: Samsung SA Cosmote SA Telenavis SA Terra Mapping The Globe – Terra
  • Road Operators: ATTIKES DIADROMES SA
  • Research & Education: Institute of Communication and Computer Systems – ICCS The Center for Research and Technology Hellas / Hellenic Institute of Transport – CERTH/HIT Road Safety Institute Panos Mylonas – IOAS Department of Transportation Planning and Engin. of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)
  • Public Sector: Athens Traffic Management Center – ATMC General Secretariat for Civil Protection – GSCP
  • Users: Automobile And Touring Club Of Greece – ELPA

The workshop was substantially divided into two main parts:

  1. An introduction to the workshop objectives followed by a presentation of the TeleFOT project focusing on the Greek Test Site and a presentation of the HERMES project;
  2. Discussion with the stakeholders which was supported by relevant introductory presentations on the following areas:
  • In vehicle use of nomadic devices
  • Navigation and fleet management applications with use of nomadic devices
  • Nomadic devices design
  • Use of traffic data in navigation applications
  • User needs.

There was a vivid debate throughout the various sessions that provided interesting feedback for both the TeleFOT and HERMES projects. The main outcome of the discussion with the stakeholders is reported hereafter.

  • Safety was considered as the main priority area however closely followed by mobility traffic efficiency and user acceptance.
  • Fixation of nomadic devices in the vehicle – short term (manual for the fixation of the device without obstructing the field of view or airbag deployment; safe fixing devices)
  • Safe integration of nomadic devices in the vehicle – long term (standardised electromechanical interface; connection between the nomadic device and the vehicle)
  • Distraction (physical & mental) to be studied; interfaces design and usability (ways of effectively and safely presenting information) of nomadic devices to be analysed
  • Personalised user interfaces based on user’s profile
  • Evaluation assessment based on knowledge and research results: legislation and political frameworks; enforcement (behavioral vs industrial laws); recommendations
  • Dissemination of results & campaigns; training & education; raise wide awareness
  • Standardised mechanism for the evaluation of nomadic devices
  • Technological growth for nomadic devices (screen CPU GPS battery etc)
  • Need for technological enhancements to offer better & new services (stable communications interoperability real time traffic information)
  • Use of the collected data for further research after the conclusion of the projects


The Greek Stakeholders showed positive reactions to the FOT methodology and to TeleFOT and HERMES goals and achievements. They expect very good progress in these highly challenging projects. In particular they showed great expectations on how the methodology and results can be inserted in their products and services. A great potential and value is seen in the project data.


Their opinion on the workshop itself was positive: it was a good occasion to discuss not only about the project progresses and first results but also on further applications in their own areas of interest. They showed interest in being informed about project progresses and next initiatives.

Moreover they found it interesting to meet other important players in their local area and to get a common ground for discussion. The workshop offered the occasion to create a multi-perspective debate on how a new scientific approach and methodology (FOT) can provide interesting input and potential solutions to common issues.

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Original Publication Date: Mon 27 Jun 2011