Continental continues its journey together with Google Cloud with the theme “Talking instead of Typing”. The two companies have announced their new partnership as they joined forced to equip cars with generative AI, enabling intuitive user experience for drivers.

enabling intuitive user experience for drvers

The seamless integration of Google Cloud’s conversational and gen AI into Continental’s Smart Cockpit High-Performance Computer (HPC) enables a natural and intuitive interaction between user and assistant. Prime use cases for such an experience are conversational navigation, driver personalization and in-car control. The specific capabilities range from asking about precise vehicle details which previously required opening the owner’s car manual, to discovering places of interest. With the latest grounding techniques, your conversation can wander back and forth between precise place queries and general topics, allowing for a truly helpful travel experience. With the solution’s extensible nature, the aim is to further include domain-specific and real-time knowledge such as weather conditions and traffic information.

Continental’s Smart Cockpit HPC solution combines user experience and system performance, while reducing development time and effort, complexity, and costs for automotive manufacturers. This all means a fast time to market – from order receipt to production in 18 months. Continuously evolving and learning, the partnership is committed to bring the power of gen AI to the automotive industry paving the way for intuitive and personalized future mobility.

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