The Austrian Ministry for Climate Action has recently published the English version of its Action Plan for the Digital Transformation in the Mobility Sector (AP-DTM). This Action Plan develops organizational and governance structures for mobility-related data-sharing and deals with integrated mobility services and the digitalisation of traffic regulations. The Action Plan, initially presented in November 2022, is the digital sector strategy for the implementation of the Austrian Mobility Master Plan 2030.

Users expect to be able to access the information and services they need at any time and in any place. The resulting “connected society”, which includes all actors in both the public and private sectors as well as each individual user, needs new rules of cooperation and collaboration within the context of digital transformation in order to be able to generate the greatest possible added value for all participants in the mobility system.

This cooperation is indispensable, especially in the mobility sector. Instead of an isolated view and a detached offer of a specific form of mobility (from the car to public and rail-bound transport to newly emerging sharing offers), it is important to strive for increased cooperation of all stakeholders.

The Action Plan Digital Transformation in Mobility (AP-DTM), presented 4 November 2022, is the strategy for the implementation of the Mobility Master Plan 2030 in the digital sector.

Source: Action Plan Digital Transformation in Mobility (AP-DTM) (