The C-ITS Strategy of the Commission announced that the Commission will work together with all relevant stakeholders in the C-ITS domain to steer the development of a common security and certificate policy and other accompanying documents needed for the deployment and operation of C-ITS in Europe. Concretely it was announced that guidance will be published in 2017.

The C-ITS Platform was created  and chaired by the European Commission services in 2014 to pave the way towards deployment of C-ITS in Europe. It is a “European strategy on Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems, a milestone towards cooperative, connected and automated mobility”. C-ITS is the Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems, the technologies used enable vehicles on the road to communicate with other vehicles.

Following our C-ITS Platform plenary meeting today we are happy to attach the first final public release 1 of the Certificate Policy document for C-ITS Security. The document has been published on the EC Website 

Direct Link  document