Ending 2017 and looking ahead towards 2018, the Council of the European Union expressed its conclusions regarding the digitalisation of transport, underlining the importance of this sector for a competitive European economy. In the official document, the Council focused in particular on these main points:

  • it called on the Commission to work with Member States and stakeholders to develop a
    comprehensive and multimodal digitalisation strategy for the transport sector during the first
    quarter of 2019
  • underlined the importance of the General Data Protection Regulation for the transport sector
  • focused on the impact of automation and digitalisation of transport on society
  • called for the continuation of the work of Digital Transport and Logistics Forum (DTLF)
  • encouraged the railway, logistics, maritime and the inland waterway transport sectors to share data.

Overall, the Council acknowledged the importance of digital developments in the transport sector, a positive result of the work carried out so far in the field of ITS and a significant encouragement to continue in the development of new transport solutions in the years to come.

More information can be found on the official page.