In the context of the spread of the COVID -19 virus and the serious health challenges facing Europe, ERTICO has taken its own measures to protect its employees.

Last week, ERTICO already had advisories in place concerning work-related travel to other countries, but as concerns rose about the potential implications of human contact and its role in spreading the virus, ERTICO decided that all employees should work remotely until further notice for the benefit of their safety and well-being.

ERTICO, as an organisation is already very well set up to telework and will continue its mission of pushing forward innovation in smart mobility wherever its teams are located, despite the challenges of the current situation. Meetings continue to go ahead, virtually implemented with adapted agendas. The work of ERTICO remains ever more important given the impact that this health crisis could potentially have on Europe’s transport services.

ERTICO’s thoughts go to anyone who has been infected or impacted by this contagious virus and encourage everyone to take the necessary precautions in order to remain well and healthy.

Continue to contact the ERTICO team via Skype and normal telephone numbers. Stay updated through ERTICO’s social media channels: Linked In and Twitter. The ERTICO newsletter will continue to provide updates.