CTAG was one of the winning companies of the awards given to the best Innovations in Car Connectivity at the 10th edition of the Barcelona International Motor Show Awards.

The first prize awarded to CTAG belongs to the Car to Car category, focusing on communications between vehicles to improve their safety. CTAG is rewarded for the work performed within the SISCOGA project (Galicia Cooperative Systems), a smart cooperative corridor that integrates more than 100km on interurban roads in collaboration with the DGT and urban sections in collaboration with the City of Vigo. The objective of this permanent corridor, opened in 2011 and pioneering in Europe, is to conduct operational tests on new car-to-car and car-to-infrastructure communication systems.

This corridor is used in research projects, Field Operational Tests, and cooperative systems development and set-up projects and has become one of the test sites for vehicle-infrastructure communication of reference in Europe.

This corridor is currently part of two European pilot projects supporting the market deployment strategy of this type of technologies:

  • Compass4D, which aims to improve safety and energy efficiency for sustainable mobility in urban environments, especially in intersections
  • CO-GISTICS, which analyses how to improve truck logistics in cities in terms of energy efficiency using cooperative systems

The Barcelona International Motor Show Awards, with about thirty candidates, also rewarded Redbend and Grupo Volkswagen-Audi España for their innovations in vehicle connectivity. The aim of the awards is to promote innovation and excellence in the automotive industry by encouraging the automobile as an efficient, affordable, safe and sustainable means of transport.