The ERTICO Supervisory Board has approved the “Guide about technologies for future C-ITS service scenarios” developed by the ERTICO Task Force on Communication Technologies for C-ITS services.

The document, which has laid the foundation for the report on C-ITS service scenarios, is the result of the joint efforts of 26 members of the ERTICO Partnership, under the guidance Anders Fagerholt (Ericsson) and Francois Fischer (ERTICO office).

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Supporting C-ITS deployment

The resulting report aims at providing recommendations for the roll-out of C-ITS services. The focus of this document is on how appropriate usage of communication technologies would increase the quality of mobility services, its safety and reliability, while minimising costs. Interoperability would contribute to this goal by ensuring the functioning of the applications envisaged as part of the EU transport policies across national borders.

The report concludes that to maximize return of investment in C-ITS, especially at an early stage, useful data and information captured in any (sub-) system should be made available to all relevant stakeholders, including travellers, by all available communication channels. In this context, privacy and security must be safeguarded.

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