Cubic Transportation Systems announced that Bob Deiter, vice president of strategic opportunities, would participate in a panel discussion on transportation and mobility in smart cities at the World Smart City Forum 2016 held in Singapore on July 13.

The conference brought together experts and industry leaders to discuss the top “pain points” slowing the development of smart cities and explore the potential for efficiency gains when cities are physically and virtually connected. At the event, Deiter discussed ways to improve mobility through smart transportation technology.

“With technological disruptors like mobile apps driving rapid change in transportation, agencies and governments are being challenged to adapt policy and legislation to embrace technology gains, while ensuring open access and protection of personal information,” Deiter said. “Cubic has learned many lessons while implementingtransportation systems and services for some of the world’s most renowned transport authorities. However, the most important lesson is to continuously collaborate with the authorities and travelers to drive innovation.”

Original Source: Cubic