Cubic Transportation Systems (CTS), a business of Cubic Corporation (NYSE: CUB), today announced that Martin Howell, marketing communications director of CTS operations in the U.K., will speak on “Disruptive Technologies in the Urban Built Environment,” at Base London 2015 to be held on June 30. With the theme, “Live | Work | Move London,” this year’s Base London offers an integrated and people-focused discussion of the development issues facing London.  Howell will join a panel of experts offering perspectives on how technology might change the way people build and live in London.

“New technologies, harnessed and integrated by Cubic, are already transforming how people live, work and move in our cities. However, disruptive technologies can bring both challenges and opportunities,” said Howell. “With Cubic’s NextCity vision in mind, we are working to ensure that we enable disruption from new technologies to occur within a coordinated framework in a way that is to the benefit of people in cities and to those who do business in them.”

Base Cities is an organization that recognizes cities are of huge economic and social importance as well as vital for environmental sustainability. The organization’s mission is to facilitate the change needed to ensure cities in the U.K. and Europe continue to thrive and maintain their role in providing growth and opportunity.
Cubic will be speaking at the following panel session:

Disruptive Technologies in the Urban Built Environment: New technologies such as super-fast mobile internet, 3D printing and autonomous vehicle will have a profound effect on the way we build and use our cities. What influences how these technologies get taken up and how will they find their way into infrastructure and building supply chains?