Turning our attention to the second day of the ITS World Congress in Dubai, the agenda for Tuesday 17 is dedicated to Clean Mobility, with sessions focused on addressing the challenges and opportunities in transitioning towards sustainable transportation solutions.

There are three exciting sessions on Clean Mobility. The Americas Region SIS (35) looks at an intriguing but unwelcome consequence of the drive to “Go Green”. As vehicle connectivity increases and more electrical vehicles are introduced to the pool, the opportunities for hacking also increase. This session addresses cybersecurity and will focus on the vulnerabilities that need to be considered and potential solutions.

The host Region session (30) explores how ITS can support a shift to sustainable and smart mobility by making it as easy to travel multimodally across borders as it is to use one’s car. The session will discuss obstacles such as a lack of standards for discovering, planning, booking, payment and navigation for travel planning across regional and national borders. Research

Papers session 5 has 5 papers describing new ideas and theories for reducing the environmental impact of transport. Paper 164 from the AP Region looks at the range of electric vehicles (EVs) which is tending to increase whereas consumer driving habits remain largely unchanged from earlier non-EV habits. It explores the use of an evaluation system to help users choose an appropriate electric vehicle range which offers significant economic and climate benefits.

Join us as we continue to explore these dynamic discussions and developments in our upcoming overview of each day of the Congress!

Note: The Programme undergoes regular updates, which may result in changes. 

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