Developments in the field of electric vehicles are moving fast. Pizzas, brought by drones, e-bikes that drive as fast as a motorcycle, they’re already there. The regulations and policies about these developments are running slow and as government we should be careful not to stand still and watch de train go by. Within a few years technology will be such more improved that we can transport ourself with single-person heli aircraft vehicals. Even though they are still very pricey, these vehicles are already tested and the neighbour next door (no, not me) will park his vehicle in the backyard. Also ambulancedrones will soon enter the sky. The only restrictions, as always, are the rules. Policymakers will only adjust them when we are facing real problems.
My plea: look ahead, anticipate and make sure that the legislation is ready for the future. That’ll keep the market running en prevents policymakers getting overloaded by stressfull, quickmade policies.

Original author: Ricardo Heijne