In this second episode of the PLOTO interview series, the Romanian River Transport Cluster (RRT) shared its experience and ambition as a member of the project’s Consortium. RRT represents the third partner working in the Romanian pilot site, together with the Danubius University of Galati (UDG) and the Galati Lower Danube River Administration (AFDJ).

The RRT Cluster was created after the end of the GIFT project financed by the SEE Transnational Cooperation Programme to facilitate the promotion and development of the river transport industry in Romania and to foster cooperation with other relevant organisations across the Danube macro-region. Being part of the PLOTO consortium will also enable RRT to valorise its members’ expertise and at the same time explore new business opportunities.

The RRT Cluster members are stakeholders belonging to the comprehensive naval transport business such as port administrations, port services providers, the ship construction industry, naval transport operators, and local administration. In this context, PLOTO is creating the opportunity for RRT to work closely with the scientific and private sectors to develop new eco-friendly instruments for the inland waterways transport (IWT) stakeholders.

Within the project’s consortium, RRT’s role entails gathering and sharing specific data from Galati ports and exchanging expertise of the Romanian stakeholders, from both the public and the private sectors involved in the IWT management. Inventorying and mapping the situation in the Galati ports as part of User Case A will facilitate the discussions on the adaptation and mitigation measures in ports and the innovative business solution and exploitation of project results.

The RRT team’s efforts will contribute significantly to the PLOTO project’s work package on “End-User requirements and Platform design”.

RRT plans to build on PLOTO’s results by creating new opportunities to foster cooperation with other relevant organisations from the region and beyond borders across the Danube macro-region recognising the valuable opportunity of being part of an experienced consortium.