In its capacity as the maritime authority overseeing the Romanian Danube sector, AFDJ Galati diligently monitors a comprehensive range of hydrological and morphological parameters that significantly impact navigation conditions. Recognising the pivotal role of the PLOTO project, AFDJ Galati eagerly embraced the opportunity to become a valuable partner in it, leveraging its expertise to validate and enhance existing data within the centralised platform set to evolve during the project’s lifecycle.

In addition to complementing the expertise of other project partners in developing the architecture, testing, and demonstrating the integrated platform of PLOTO, AFDJ Galati plays a pivotal role in providing essential data for the Romanian pilot site of the project. The results stemming from these collaborative efforts hold the potential to mitigate navigation hazards along the Romanian Danube sector, effectively contributing to safer and more efficient waterway transit. Furthermore, AFDJ Galati has committed itself as a dedicated partner in the platform’s development, underlining its unwavering dedication to advancing navigation safety and operational efficiency.

Progress is already underway to establish the technical specifications for data collection equipment. In the forthcoming phases, AFDJ Galati will procure and install the requisite infrastructure for data acquisition, ensuring utmost precision in calibration. The assimilation of this data into the existing network throughout the Romanian Danube sector promises to bolster navigation management capabilities, further solidifying AFDJ Galati’s role as a trusted partner for maritime safety and efficiency.

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