On 21 January, ERTICO together with 46 other Partners and 116 associated stakeholders launched a new European-funded project that will revolutionize the world of electro mobility, from Kathmandu to Quito.

New electro-mobility solutions are supportive of the Paris Agreement, the Sustainable Development Goals, the New Urban Agenda and ERTICO’s clean and urban mobility roadmaps and are highlighted as some of the key decarbonisation solutions in the European Green Deal.

“At ERTICO we work towards a future where ultra-low emission mobility is widespread in both urban and non-urban areas thanks to a common methodology of ITS applications”, said ERTICO Director of I&D, Dr. Johanna Tzanidaki. “Our goal by 2030 is to reach sustainable and still fully flexible and personalised mobility solutions for all, and this is why SOLUTIONSplus is in line with our work and vision. In order to meet our ambitious targets, we must involve all mobility sectors and deploy best solutions in different environments, countries and regions. SOLUTIONSplus has all of these elements”, she added.

Giacomo Somma also added that ERTICO is in the perfect position to work on the training and capacity building programme of the project, as well as in the start-up activities and the dissemination work package for the project.

“SOLUTIONSplus has five main objectives. From boosting the capabilities of local transport stakeholders, to fostering the take-up of e-mobility innovations, strengthening policy and business collaboration, creating reference models for e-mobility innovation, and most importantly, contributing to global sustainability and climate goals. ERTICO is in the right position to work on such tasks.”, he said. In particular, ERTICO will be working on the project’s capacity building programme (peer-to-peer activities and e-learning), business modelling (start-ups and incubators) and the international cooperation with the city of Hamburg and China. “The ERTICO Academy and the Start-up Initiative, but also ongoing projects, such as ELVITEN, are just some of the many examples of how ERTICO can contribute to bringing best solutions to cities worldwide”, he added.

SOLUTIONSplus is just the first piece of a bigger puzzle. ERTICO’s ultimate goal is to contribute to the decarbonisation of transport by working on long-lasting and concrete solutions while fostering international cooperation and bringing the Partnership’s solutions outside of Europe. As of today, SOLUTIONSplus has made the first step of a long, but exciting journey toward more sustainable transport.

SOLUTIONSplus has 48 months to deploy and run pilots for electric mobility in Kathmandu, Manila/Pasig, Hanoi, Montevideo, Quito, Kigali, Dar es Salam, Hamburg, Madrid and Nanjing.