FENIX project coordinator and Senior Manager at ERTICO – ITS Europe – Eusebiu Catana, presented the new ERTICO coordinated project – FENIX – to 150 participants at the EMEA Supply Chain & Logistics Summit & Expo on 26 September 2019 in Antwerp. Now in its 21st year, Supply Chain & Logistics Summit, gathers world class organisations to meet and discuss how to maximise efficiency and minimise costs through supply chain strategies of the future.

During the three days of the summit, the main discussion was focused around data sharing and fragmentation issues in the supply chain. Dr Eusebiu Catana presented the AEOLIX platform and the FENIX network as innovative solutions and game changers to ensure end-to-end visibility for all players in the supply chain. The audience showed great interest in the ambitious FENIX project, whose objective is to create a federated public-private data architecture for logistics operations in Europe. FENIX, a new CEF project led by ERTICO, was kicked-off in Brussels just two weeks ago with 43 beneficiaries and 2 member states.