On Tuesday 11 June 2024, alongside the Strategic Think Tank event, ERTICO – ITS Europe hosted its 34th General Assembly (GA) in Brussels, a significant event celebrating the numerous achievements of the past year. The GA undertook important decisions on electing ERTICO’s leadership for the next three years. Significant outcomes of the day included the unanimous re-election of Dr. Angelos Amditis as Chairman of the Supervisory Board for the next 3 years’ mandate. The Supervisory Board approved earlier in May also the extension of CEO Joost Vantomme’s tenure for another three-year term starting January 2025.

Their leadership, vision, and dedication, along with the support of the Supervisory Board members and Strategy Committee, have been pivotal in driving the organisation to new heights, inspiring excellence throughout ERTICO and all Partners.

Reflecting on his re-election, Dr Amditis stated, “I am deeply honoured to stand before you today to have been approved as the Chairperson of the new Supervisory Board. This decision fills me with immense gratitude and I want to express my heartfelt appreciation to all of you for your trust and support. This collective and unanimous vote of confidence in me is truly humbling, and our shared commitment will continue driving ERTICO to new heights. Thank you.”

He continued, “Thank you for approving the Supervisory Board. We look forward to collaborating closely with all of you to guide ERTICO over the next three years. I would also like to take this opportunity to express my gratitude to all the members for their efforts, commitment, and investment of time and work during this past year. A special thanks also to my vice-chair Ronald Adams and Wolfgang Foltin, chair of the Finance Committee. Both of them also provide invaluable support to the Chairman’s Advisory Council. Of course, the Strategy Committee deserves warm thanks for their work and cooperation under the great leadership of Thomas Jaeger & newly appointed co-chair Svenja Hainz.

At last, please join me in congratulating our CEO Joost Vantomme on his well-deserved reappointment. Joost has received unanimous support from the Supervisory Board for a continued 3 years term from January 2025 onwards.  We look forward to many more years of continued growth and success of our organisation with the support of Joost. My sincere thanks to Joost and his executive team, Didier Gorteman and Vladimir Vorotovic, and the entire ERTICO team for their dedication and enthusiasm in actively supporting and delivering on all our activities with high professionalism. Thank you!”

Echoing this sentiment, CEO Joost Vantomme was deeply honoured by this re-election and trust placed into his leadership of the ERTICO Office, “My heartfelt thanks go to all of you, the ERTICO team, the Supervisory Board, the Strategy Committee, all our Partners and international collaborators, the European Commission, and everyone who are supporting our mission. Together, we are forging a path towards a more resilient, efficient, and sustainable transport ecosystem. Together with our partners and mobility stakeholders, we will continue to lead the way towards a safer, greener future and more efficient mobility in the smart cities and societies of the future. Nothing works without people and brainpower. I am truly proud to inspire our team. They deserve a statue for living our new values: Cooperative, Impactful, Open, Passionate, Visionary”.


The complete Supervisory Board members were also approved during the General Assembly, underscoring the organisation’s commitment to strong leadership and strategic growth for the coming three years.

Forename Surname Company Sector
Ronald Adams Rijkswaterstaat Netherlands Public Authorities
Gerhard Menzel Austrian Federal Ministry Public Authorities
Angelos Amditis ICCS Research
Ashweeni Beeharee Satellite Applications Catapult Research
Francisco Sanchez CTAG Research
Thomas Jäger DEKRA Service Providers
Marion Auzolle HERE Service Providers
Stephanie Leonard Tom Tom Service Providers
Wolfgang Foltin DENSO Suppliers
Thorsten Burger Continental Suppliers
Christoph Stoegerer SWARCO Traffic and Transport Industry
Diana Willert Yunex Traffic Traffic and Transport Industry
Jean-Francois Sencerin Renault Vehicle Manufacturers
Stefan Deix EUCAR Vehicle Manufacturers
Robert Zillekens T-Systems Connectivity
Maciej Mazur AVERE Users


We celebrated this day with a new chapter in our journey, officially publishing the ERTICO 2023-2024 Annual Review, a comprehensive reflection on a year marked by significant achievements and strategic advancements. Watch all the highlights of our activities: A Year in Review 2023-2024.

Alongside the General Assembly, ERTICO hosted its Strategic Think Tank event, which drew over 100 participants – full details here.

We wish to extend warm congratulations to all involved and we look forward to many more years of outstanding leadership and the continued growth and success of our organisation. Looking ahead, we are pleased to invite you to the 30th ITS World Congress in Dubai, 16-20 September. Join us to continue the ongoing dialogues, embarking on this new exciting chapter of ERTICO with all Partners.