NDW is a Dutch public collaboration between road authorities (partners at the national, provincial and municipal levels) whose aims include: increase efficiency, increasing social effects and focus towards road users, and strengthening policy through a better understanding of traffic data. 

Due to market developments, the possibilities for traffic data from non-road bound systems, such as Floating Car Data, Probe vehicle data and crowd-sourced data, will soon increase. In the coming years, NDW wants to focus more strongly on this type of traffic data. NDW, therefore, wants to arrange a framework agreement (duration 4 years maximum) with all suppliers that can deliver traffic data from non-road bound systems in different forms like information, products, services or/and raw data. This framework agreement gives NDW a buying mechanism to fulfil its role as a central purchasing body to its partners. In the framework agreement, specific further assignments for traffic data from non-road bound systems will be awarded thru requests for proposals.


Are you a supplier of traffic data from non-road bound systems and are you interested in selling this traffic data to NDW? Then NDW invites you to participate in this tender on TenderNed. (The tender documents are published in Dutch, but English translations are also available).

Source: NDW