The 5Gtechritory Forum – Europe’s leading initiative bringing together industry experts, business leaders, top scientists and policymakers to set the agenda for uncovering the real value of 5G – took place on November 22-25 this year. The hybrid event represented an occasion to reduce the fragmentation of the 5G ecosystem and to establish a common ground among all the players in the field. This edition gathered over 2000 participants over four days and featured several never-before-seen elements, including presentations from leading countries in 5G development sharing their experiences and approaches.

ERTICO-ITS Europe took up the challenge to support the development and growth of the 5G ecosystem. ERTICO’s participation in three sessions at the global forum was a reflection of their ambition to create synergies between technological trends (i.e. Artificial Intelligence, Big Data, Internet of Things, Automation) and smart solutions.

On the first day, the Monday morning session 5G Intelligent Transport Systems and Services was remotely moderated from the Beta Stage by Dr Eusebiu Catana – Senior Manager of Innovation and Deployment and 5G-LOGINNOV Project Coordinator.  Jointly organised by ERTICO, this panel included three European H2020 flagship projects related to 5G, namely 5G-LOGINNOV, 5GMETA and 5G- MOBIX  in order to explore 5G applications with a focus on intelligent transports systems and services.

The experts’ panel was made up of representatives of the three projects:

  • Ralf Willenbrock – Product & Portfolio Manager, T-Systems International GmbH. PDF
  • Oihana Otaegui – Department Director, Vicomtech – 5GMETA Project Coordinator. PDF
  • Coen Bresser – Senior Manager, ERTICO-ITS Europe – 5GMOBIX Project Coordinator. PDF

The panellists presented concrete actions, activities and 5G roadmaps through their respective pilot sites and use cases, which included R&D Live Training Loop, Networking Parking, Driving Safety & Awareness, Traffic Management Applications, Video Surveillance, Precise Positioning, Predictive Maintenance and Real-Time Tracking. These use cases will contribute to opening up opportunities for the Corridors information systems on TEN-T corridors, and bring value to the  Digital Transport and Logistic Forum / DG MOVE and 5GAA community.

In the afternoon of the penultimate day, Dr Nikolaos Tsampieris, Senior Manager of Connectivity and Automation, participated in a panel session on Edge Cloud.  In his presentation entitled Cloud/Edge Paradigms in EU Co-funded Collaborative ITS Research, Pilot & Deployment Projects, Dr Tsampieris referenced some of ERTICO’s above-mentioned 5G projects as examples of how Cloud Edge is being used to develop sophisticated autonomous driving use cases that require significant processing power to be located at the network’s edge.

5G-LOGINNOV, 5GMETA, 5G-MOBIX will create strategic impact to support the emergence of new markets with new and existing actors, targeting 5G-enabled improved CCAM services, port and freight operations and logistics hubs maintenance activities. These operations are expected to offer opportunities for reducing costs, having a positive impact on the business ecosystem, and reducing the impact on the environment.

“These 5G projects will not only use data to stimulate and facilitate innovative products and services, whilst ensuring data privacy, security, interoperability and ownership, but also use new, innovative concepts, applications and devices supported by 5G technologies, IoT, data analytics, next-generation traffic management and CCAM to reach our goals”, says Dr. Eusebiu Catana.