Construction on a length of bicycle path linking Dublin’s two longest promenade cycling paths will begin on 1 April.

Dublin City Council plans to spend €5 m to fill in the missing 2km section of its flagship cycle route along part of Dublin Bay. The path will also be the first section of a new cycleway that will connect eastern parts of the city via the Sutton to Sandcove cycleway.

The strip will take 18 months to complete, with construction taking place in phases to comply with bird habitat conservation regulations. The full route crosses three local authority boundaries and is likely to take several years to construct. The completed project will be 22km continuous off-road cycle route around the bay and will be one of the longest coastal promenades in Europe. 
The new scheme will cost less than half that of the previous installments. The work will also involve footpath and road resurfacing, sea wall repairs, and 2km of trunk water main, and a transport shelter is also set to be rebuilt. 
Original author: Alexia
Photo: Peter Moran