The European Union’s (EU) TEN-T Programme has committed almost € 5m to the study and pilot installation of 200 electric vehicle charging points along France’s main motorways. The three-phase project aims to contribute to the growth of connected charging infrastructure across Europe.

The first phase of the project will develop technological, environmental and end-user requirements for a connected fast charging network with the objective to promote rapid electric vehicle deployment in France.

The outcome of phase two will be a set of draft recommendations on connecting the pilot project with existing charging networks in France and neighbouring countries to determine the replicability of the network across other European locations.

The final phase will oversee the development and validation of innovative business models to support the advancement and implementation of the infrastructure. During this phase, data from the pilot project will be processed and measured against other European systems.

The project was selected for funding with the assistance of external experts under the TEN-T Annual Call 2013, priority ‘Decarbonisation/reduction of noise’.

Original author: Alexia
Photo by Tom Igoe