Córdoba City Council has allocated a € 650 000 for a new mobility plan which will include efforts to ‘build a safer city’ for road users.

The funding, announced by Deputy Mayor for Mobility, Accessibility and Transport, Ana Tamayo, has already been divided and allocated to projects:

  • € 250 000 will go to a Strategic Action Plan in order to install, adapt and expand new crosswalks to improve pedestrian routes;€ 120 000 will be aimed at improving road safety through traffic signal plans;
  • € 45 000 will be allocated for a project to improve asphalt where drainage systems are installed€ 85 000 is dedicated to rehabilitating and constructing bike lanes and installing and repairing bicycle parking; and#
  • € 60 000 will install a ramp at the historical fort Alcázar de los Reyes Cristianos

‘Córdoba is a big city and there are many [road safety] issues that exist’, said Tamayo, adding that preparations for the mobility plan included various studies on roads where citizens ‘tend to have more problems’.

Original author: Alexia