Lisbon City Council has announced plans to allow motorcycles to use bus lanes in an effort to reduce congestion and travel times, and increase safety for motorcyclists.

Proposals to give motorcycles and mopeds an advanced starting position at traffic lights have also been approved.

Portugal’s Highway Code allows these amendments, which would bring ‘significant improvements in mobility and the energy efficiency of Lisbon,’ according to Councillor João Ferreira.

Lisbon’s Municipal Director of Mobility and Transport will conduct a six-month study on the feasibility of the project, which will be initially applied in a defined pilot area.

The council is currently seeking input from the National Authority for Road Safety and the Institute for Mobility and Transport. Councillors have also requested a study of the road network to find ways to improve the material conditions and movement for motorcycles and mopeds.

Original author: Alexia
Photo: Carlos Fonseca