EAVP partners Skidata, Kopernikus Automotive, the European Parking Association (EPA) and ERTICO were at Intertraffic Amsterdam from 16 to 19 April. The B2B event which attracted potential customers eager to explore the latest mobility solutions, served as a platform for industry professionals, showcasing a comprehensive overview of products, services, and groundbreaking innovations. Automated Valet Parking (AVP), the core concept of the EAVP platform, grabbed the spotlight of these discussions as a key solution for the future of parking. The EAVP partners engaged in fruitful discussions with stakeholders about the future of parking.

SKIDATA, an international leader in access solutions and management, took a prominent role at Intertraffic Amsterdam. Known worldwide, the company supports leading operators in sectors like airports, shopping malls, cities, and stadiums with its future-oriented and reliable solutions. Intertraffic was the ideal venue to display its latest innovations. This year, the SKIDATA team actively engaged attendees with a suite of innovative parking solutions designed to enhance operational efficiency and improve user experiences. These included AI-based mobility features for automated plate correction, simplified floor counting, and EV-charging surveillance. Another highlight was the Automated Valet Parking (AVP) concept, which seeks to optimize parking by automating the process, offering a more streamlined user experience. The event’s highlight was undoubtedly the live demonstration of AVP, featuring a remote broadcast from a test location in Germany, moderated by Klara Svejdova (Skidata) and Stefan Jenzowsky (Kopernikus Automotive), exploring the future of parking.

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The European Parking Association (EPA), a key player within the EAVP platform and umbrella organisation for European parking associations, had a strong presence at Intertraffic. On Wednesday, 17 April, they hosted a dedicated “EPA Parking Day” summit, bringing together representatives from national parking associations, corporate members, and major parking operators.

The day’s sessions focused on critical industry topics, including how data-driven parking management can enhance urban liveability using real-world examples. Discussions also emphasised the importance of interoperability and multimodality in parking solutions, highlighting the need for standardised data – a core objective of the EAVP platform. Automated Valet Parking (AVP) was a central theme, seen as an outstanding opportunity to the growing automation in the automotive industry. The event’s success was further underscored by the interest of several organisations in joining the EPA.

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ERTICO, the EAVP coordinator, was also present at Intertraffic Amsterdam. Our team members engaged in various panels and discussions while also serving as ambassadors for the EAVP platform at the ERTICO booth, where we highlighted the platform’s benefits and its commitment to accelerating the development of AVP standards, ultimately aiming to facilitate the widespread adoption of AVP solutions across Europe.

EAVP: Bridging the Gap for Seamless AVP Adoption

AVP technology is advancing quickly. Parking operators and OEMs are making significant strides to advance its deployment. Parking operators, on the one hand, are incorporating AIoT (Artificial Intelligence of Things) technologies to improve how their facilities run and offer new advantages to users. These AIoT systems are the foundation to easily move towards AVP services. Car manufacturers (OEMs), on the other, are at the forefront of automation from the production process stage. The produced self-driving vehicles can even park themselves autonomously in the logistics warehouse. Widespread adoption of AVP (Autonomous Valet Parking) hinges now on consistent regulations across the European Union. EAVP is paving the way by merging the existing standards APDS, DATEX II part 6, and ISO 23374. This combined data model will support the entire AVP user experience, including additional services like automated electric vehicle charging.

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