Andras Siegler – Director for Transport Research in EC DG RTD and Mr Arnoldas Milukas Head of Unit “Horizontal aspects and coordination – Transport” at the European Commission are scheduled to visit South Africa in October 2010 (a three day visit). One of the sites in their programme is the Stadium project call and booking centre and some live demonstration of the Demand Responsive Transport (DRT) service implemented in Cape Town for the FIFA Soccer World Cup. The Stadium visit is scheduled for Friday 29 October in the morning.


Mr Siegler and Mr Milukas will make a tour with one of the minibus taxis equipped with DRT functionalities. Representatives from Stadium consortium (CSIR MMIV PluService and SAHA) will be on board to comment/clarify/respond to questions and during the journey the on-board equipment and functionalities will be demonstrated and explained by Stadium partners to the EC representatives.


At Peninsula Holdings (transport operator) premises the EC delegates will be given a live demonstration of the booking and tracking system overview of the server room as well as a presentation of business model and use of the system for new services.


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Original Publication Date: Thu 14 Oct 2010