14 October 2013

Based on the great success in December 2012 Gemalto, Fujitsu-Ten and ERTICO – ITS Europe organised yet another eCall testing event at Yokosuka Telecom Research Park Inc. (YRP) just outside Tokyo. “By enabling local testing of eCall technology Gemalto and its partners are streamlining manufacturing and helping global automakers achieve significant time and cost efficiencies” said Marcel Visser VP Automotive at Gemalto.

Yokosuka saw over 160 delegates from the Japanese automotive and component supply industries coming together to see a demonstration of the YRP eCall testing facilities, that are unique in the Pacific Region.

The specific highlights of the day were:
1) World first demonstration of the smallest fully Pan European eCall compliant after-market device, designed and produced by Geneva GeNIE, a UK based organsiation.

2) World first demonstration of a Heart Defibrillator machine capable of sending eCall based minimum set of data concerning the casualty

3) Discussions on the continued development of eCall certification for Europe my World experts in the field of certification and standards

4) Detailed progress reports from the HeERO and ERA-GLONASS teams 
ERTICO participants and delegates from GEMALTO, Fujitsu-Ten, CETECOM,  Honda DENSO and Panasonic

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