14 October 2014

New platform built from the ground up to offer unprecedented features, enterprise integration, and platform scale, robustness, and security

Masternaut, the largest European provider of telematics solutions, has launched its next-generation telematics platform, Masternaut Connect. The new platform ‘rewrites telematics’, offering businesses a step-change in features, integration, performance, scalability and accuracy.

It has taken 18 months’ development, the largest telematics R&D workforce in Europe and more than 16 years’ experience to bring Masternaut Connect to market. In a first for a pure-play business to business telematics vendor, the resulting platform is fully future-proofed, offering the robustness and scalability to handle big data demands.     

Masternaut Connect is a SaaS suite of modular applications running within an integrated and harmonised web interface, hosted in a new private dedicated cloud infrastructure, which provides the performance and security needed for these demands.

Martin Hiscox, chairman and CEO of Masternaut says: “The landscape has changed considerably since we introduced our first generation telematics solutions. The growth of floating car data, advances in driver performance management, vehicle scheduling and data aggregation means there is more intelligence available to acquire – and more opportunity to harness it. As these figures continue to rise, the demand to drive tangible business value from this data is growing.

“Masternaut Connect addresses the challenges of today’s industry squarely, providing time-poor business leaders with the ability to access data on-the-go, enabling a true ‘sense and respond’ approach. Above all, these decisions need to be made against accurate data, so we’ve invested considerably to ensure that Masternaut Connect offers unparalleled connectivity.”

A wide range of integration points will be provided including cloud side for TMS, ERP and other systems, APIs for external data feeds from other devices, and in-vehicle using Masternaut’s wireless network to integrate custom tablet or smartphone applications.

Responding to the need for businesses to use operational data for competitive advantage, Masternaut Connect offers real-time event processing, providing fleet managers with information as it happens, while storing data for longer, allowing for analytics and compliance purposes.

“By building our new modular platform, we’re enabling customers to adopt the features that they need and providing a base to develop new products” continues Martin Hiscox. “In the coming months, we’ll be announcing further modules to extend the reach and benefits of telematics into new areas of the business.”

Alex Rothwell, Masternaut’s CTO, adds: “Incorporating custom-designed user interfaces, in-stream processing and data aggregation & analytics engines, this is a true first for any organisation within our industry. Masternaut Connect leapfrogs current platforms on the market, providing a comprehensive and future-proofed telematics service via one single technology stack, in order to deliver game-changing business intelligence.”

Key benefits to Masternaut Connect include:

  • Unrivalled accuracy – the highest degree of data accuracy on the market, thanks to new patented technology
  • Scalability – platform is scalable to handle millions of devices, across multiple territories
  • Real-time event processing – data queries are streamed live, which means that reports are constantly refreshed with up to date data
  • Third party application integration – such as live customer data feeds, including job data or routing schedules
  • Modern user experience – with an intuitive, user-friendly interface
  • Modular design – providing the foundation to develop new products and platform add-ons
  • Persona-based modification – platform can be tailored to support customers’ priorities, with ability to weight event criteria
  • Privacy options – to offer a broader range of workers’ council approved telematics
  • Secure data – to address compliance requirements and provide better reporting capabilities

Find out more by visiting the Masternaut website