The ecoDriver Project Partners, the Reviewers and the Project Officer, Mrs Irmgard Heiber, gathered together on the 11 and 12 of June, in Esslingen (Germany) to hold the project’s Interim Review. The purpose of this consortium meeting was to discuss the latest project developments and to provide an introduction to the different systems and demonstrations.

During the course of the event, five Reviewers and the Project Officer had the opportunity to drive a selection of six vehicles equipped with different eco-driving systems, six out of the eight that the project partners have designed. A pre-determined route allowed the drivers to experience the range of ecoDriver functions.

The six ecoDriving systems tested during the Interim Review were:


   *IFSTTAR’s Android app, operating in one of their test vehicles

   *CRF’s Lancia Musa, brought over from Turin

   *TomTom’s aftermarket system demonstrated in a Ford Mondeo

   *Daimler’s truck demonstrator

   *BMW’s passenger car demonstrator

                                                                    *IKA’s test vehicle, with the Full ecoDriver system

Each Reviewer drove or observed all the systems on a pre-designed test route which incorporated a variety of road types. This experience led to very positive feedback and to discussions among partners on how to optimise the ecoDriver systems before the start of the data collection task in the experimental phase.