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6 September 2016: 09h00-17h00

eCall will be mandated in Europe for all new types of cars and light trucks manufactured after 31 March 2018. Member States are to ensure their Public Safety Answering Points (PSAP) are upgraded and have completed conformity assessment before 1 October 2017.

This workshop will address the challenges and opportunities that need to be met to ensure successful introduction of eCall in the different Member States. It will also offer insights into how commercial companies can leverage maximum benefit from this introduction.

The workshop will address following topics:
  • How complicated is eCall Deployment?
    Overview of current situation across Europe for Emergency Call
  • What are the sticking points for eCall?
    including but not limited to MS PSAP solutions, eCall volume, eCall PSAP upgrade process, sharing MSD Data across the rescue chain
  • Areas of eCall to be refined
    Conformity, Liability Issues, Data Protection
  • How can these areas be addressed

With a facilitator, delegates will brainstorm in break-out sessions to define remedial measures with regard to ethical, legal, societal and institutional areas and report back to the Plenary. All inputs will be incorporated into a report to be shared with Member States and the European Commission.

Detailed agenda20160906_Making eCall Happen – agenda

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