One of the twelve test participants, David, is setting off for his second baseline drive, this time with winter tyres. The first one was completed in autumn, with summer tyres. The test route goes around the lake Roxen, close to Linköping, and includes driving on urban and rural roads as well as on the motorway. Before each trip the eye tracker needs to be calibrated and adjusted to the current test person. The driver’s eye movements are then logged with 60 Hz via five cameras, such that detailed analyses of the driver’s gaze behaviour are possible. This will allow conclusions about how drivers interact visually with the ecoDriver system.

Jonas Ihlström, one of the experiment leaders, adjusts the eye tracking cameras for the current participant.


The participant in the test vehicle during the eye tracker calibration process.


The participant is leaving VTI to complete his second baseline drive. Beatrice Söderström, the test leader is sitting in the back seat.


The participant in the test vehicle, together with Bea, the test leader.

The participant in the test vehicle, ready to set off.


Harry Sörensen, the technical engineer, starts the logger and makes a final check of the equipment before the participant sets off for the second baseline drive.

Bea Söderström, the test leader, is ready to start observing the traffic during the trip.







The test vehicle, ready to go.