Work in SP3 of ecoDriver is currently specifying protocols for the planned real-world trials due to start this autumn. 

The project will conduct experiments in 6 European countries to compare behaviour with and without the eco-driving system support in the same location. 

They will take place as follows:

between Stuttgart and Ulm (Germany) between Aachen and Düren (Germany) west of Turin (Italy) north of Leeds (UK) Vigo and the surrounding Pontevedra province (Spain) Versailles and the surrounding Yvelines department (France) between Linköping and Norrköping (Sweden) 

More naturalistic studies are also planned in the Netherlands, Germany, Spain and France to show how people will actually use the systems developed in ecoDriver when they are free to decide. 

The project will compare how embedded systems versus nomadic devices are used, and aims at looking at the effects over time. This sub-project will log a host of objective data that will tell us both how much fuel is saved and whether there are any effects on traffic safety, in addition to asking the drivers their opinion on the systems.