The eCoMove-interactIVe joint final event started this morning at the Eurogress in Aachen. Many people joined to listen to what high-level speakers had to say.
Bernd Gottselig, Director of Active Safety at Ford opened the ceremony and in his speech focused on two issues: Mobility for all and reduction of accidents on the road. “Great progresses have been made” he stated but more efforts are needed to bring together the necessary knowledge and experience in projects and activities. Mr Gottselig highlighted the importance of the user acceptance, of a common understanding between European and international parties, as well as of having a technology which is affordable for users.

Speaking on behalf of the European Commission, Juhani Jääskelainen highlighted the efforts and funding of the EC in respect to transport policy. Hermann Meyer, CEO of ERTICO expressed his appreciation for the two projects that have a real focus on users’ needs.  The ERTICO partnership is working on strengthening the cooperation between different parties involved in the transport chain and created a platform which brings together traffic management centres and vehicles manufacturers (public authorities and private companies).

The Opening Ceremony is closing with the two projects coordinators, Christoph Kessler (Ford) for interactIVe and Jean-Charles Pandazis (ERTICO) for eCoMove.
After the ribbon cut ceremony, the event will continue with two parallel sessions where participants will learn more about the two projects as well as having the chance to visit the impressive exhibition and participate in some live demos.