Session IV focus on the eCoMove applications and results related to the network.

Jonas Lussmann (YUM) focused on the two applications ecoParking Advice and ecoTruck Parking.The ecoTruck parking application provides information on the availability of parking spots along motorways as well as detecting and informing of parking spaces. This allows drivers to approach directly the free space without having to look for one.

The ecoParking Advice application provides the selection of the destination and the route to follow in order to reach which is updated with information on incidents or congestion on the way in real-time.

Ronald van Katwijk (TNO) and Robbin Blokpoel (Imteech/PEEK) explained in details three applications related to intersections on road: ecoBalanced Priority, ecoApproach Advice and GreenWave. All the results were calculated for the peak hours and off-peak hours.

The ecoBalanced Priority application gives information on what happens before the stop line so on the delay of the break at intersections.

The number of stops on a network has a real big impact on CO2 emissions and that is why it’s important to reduce the number of decelerations and stops. The GreenWave application is built on this concept and has proved a reduction of CO2 in main roads especially.