MOBiNET offers a Business-to-Business marketplace where commercial and public-sector providers of mobility data and services can publish and exchange their products and/or find other business services to extend their own offer.

At the ITS World Congress in Bordeaux, 5-9 October 2015, MOBiNET launched its platform third Release, introducing it to developers and start-ups in the context of an ITS Hackathon, organised to stimulate new MOBiNET service ideas.

One of the winning applications of the ITS World Congress 2015 Hackathon in Bordeaux was on demonstration at the European ITS Congress in Glasgow, from Monday to Thursday this week.

Bobby, “Your daily commuting buddy”, allows you to automate actions related to your mobility and executes them at the right time and place without having to touch your phone. The application triggers alerts on public and shared transports as well as parking, available in the user’s vicinity.

The application was already available in Bordeaux and Toulouse cities in France and thanks to MOBiNET, also integrated Glasgow city data, as well as other cities’ available in MOBiNET Service Directory. Indeed, for any city where a user is travelling to, Bobby API looks up to see if it has services available on its server; if none is found, the API queries MOBiNET Service Directory to see if it includes such services around the user’s location.

The development of Release 3.1 of MOBiNET platform is currently ongoing and will include all the core functionalities already available in the previous release, as well as the billing & clearing module. R3.1 will be validated at the pilot sites in autumn 2016 and the final Platform release, which will include all modifications necessary that came out of the verification and validation of R3.1, is scheduled in spring 2017. The final event of MOBiNET will take place at the ITS European Congress in Strasbourg, France, in June 2017.