The project EDITS (European Digital Traffic Infrastructure Network for Intelligent Transport Systems) is focusing on the provision of interoperable and multimodal information services for travellers. The main goal is to support travellers along their journeys independent of location and time by providing web-based services on the one hand and on-trip services e.g. smartphone applications on the other. To enable a provision of interoperable and multimodal services for end-users a harmonised and commonly agreed open interface for data and information exchange between the mobility service operators of Austria Czech-Republic Hungary Italy and Slovakia is necessary. Through a dynamic exchange of contents and facts travellers will be able to receive location-based multimodal information as well as cross boarder information.

EDITS is implemented by the CENTRAL EUROPE Programme and co-financed by ERDF European Regional Development Fund.
The project is coordinated by AustriaTech the Federal Agency for Technological Measures in Austria which will provide experiences of former national activities. Current national services like “GIP – the Graph Integration Platform” and “VAO – the national traffic information system” form the basis for the development and implementation of cross-border solutions. The kick-off meeting will be held in October in Vienna. The project is a major step forward for a harmonised deployment of ITS solutions in the Central Europe Region.

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Original Publication Date: Thu 27 Sep 2012