On 31 January the ENVELOPE project held a two-day, in-person kick-off meeting in Athens, Greece. Hosted by the coordinator, and ERTICO Partner, ICCS, the whole consortium got together for the first time to present the action plan to develop innovative solutions for 6G technologies in Europe.

On 1 January, ENVELOPE project officially started together with other 27 research, innovation and trials projects financed by Smart Networks and Services Joint Undertaking (SNS JU). This initiative, in which ERTICO has the leadership of the Communication and Dissemination work package, involves 23 partners representing stakeholders from several sectors such as public authorities, telecommunications providers and research institutions among others.

The project aims to enhance and make accessible the standard 5G advanced architecture, transforming it into a vertically oriented structure with interfaces specifically designed for Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) Use Cases. This involves: i) describing network capabilities of verticals, ii) providing vertical information to the network, and iii) empowering verticals to dynamically request and adjust certain network aspects. Three Member States namely Italy, the Netherlands, and Greece will be the testbeds across different vertical domains, showcased not only through the project’s CAM-oriented use cases (UCs) but also through a minimum of nine open call projects to be funded throughout the project’s duration.

In this context, ERTICO will support the project’s goals leading the creation of communication materials and tools and developing dissemination strategies to prepare the most adequate exploitation of ENVELOPE’s outcomes. The internal technical lead will be Dr Nikolaos Tsampieris, Senior Manager in the Innovation & Deployment department, with several others 5G/6G-oriented projects such as PRIVATEER.

The project’s launch was already announced by SNS JU in October and a full press release is downloadable at this link.

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